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Easily download and save what you find. Enter the terms you wish to search for. Heard the one about the good viola player? This Cinderella of the string family is the butt of most instrumentalists’ jokes. According to spotlight-hungry violinists, violas are only good for filling in a bit of middle-part harmony and should never be trusted with a good tune. And really, argue the cellists, seeing as the viola has the same strings as the cello, just an octave higher, what’s the point?

And that’s before you even get people onto the viola players themselves. Viola players were always taken from among the refuse of violinists,’ wrote Berlioz well over a century ago, a sentiment often still wheeled out today. Well, it’s time to think again about the unfairly maligned viola, and to help here’s a round-up of the six best violists past and present. The viola began to edge its way into the soloist’s spotlight in the 18th century as the modern orchestra began to take shape. One of the few musicians who championed the violin’s mellow-toned cousin was Carl Stamitz. Yes, he started life as a violinist, as is often the case with viola players, but after a stint at the famous Mannheim Orchestra he began to tour as a viola player. Stamitz played for royalty and even played with a young Beethoven. Jump now to the end of the 19th-century.